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It's a Gin Thing

29th June 2017

There’s nothing better than sipping on an ice cold gin and tonic on a warm summer’s evening and we have the perfect glass for you to serve your G&T.

Ravenhead gin balloons are designed with a large capacity bowl shape which allows plenty of room for ice, zesty lemons and limes. The bowl shape traps the infused flavours and aromas within the glass providing a greater taste experience.

How to make the perfect Gin & Tonic

1. Add the desired amount of gin to the glass

2. Add ice cubes

3. Gently squeeze a lemon wedge into the glass

4. Add the tonic (best served chilled- not room temperature)

5. Using a cocktail spoon, swirl the contents gently

6. Allow to stand for about 5 minutes whilst the flavours infuse