Summer is the perfect time to host your gatherings outside. Whether it’s for a special occasion or simply to get family and friends together for a catch up, an outdoors event is guaranteed to get everyone in the party spirit.


  • A ‘bubbles bar’ with a couple of ice buckets filled with sparkling wine will always go down well at celebrations. Place a selection of champagne flutes on the table so guests can pour their own drinks. We recommend Cabernet Champagne Flutes for a touch of elegance.
  • A ‘Beers from around the world’ table will cater for beer lovers. Choose a selection of lagers from around the globe and keep cool in ice buckets. Try Budweiser from USA, Corona from Mexico and Peroni from Italy. Don’t forget the glasses! We love the Entertain Beer glasses, Essentials Nonik and Essentials Lager glasses.
  • The option of red, white or rosè will keep wine drinkers happy. Provide a few bottles of each or ask your guests to bring a bottle themselves to cut down on cost. Stock up on Essentials sleeve of 6 red or white wine glasses for serving.
  • As an extra special touch why not serve one or two pre-made cocktails from Ravenhead’s Entertain jugs? (check out our recipe page for cocktail inspiration) Place a selection of glasses beside the jugs so guests can help themselves. We think that the Entertain Cocktail glasses or Manhattan Hiballs are ideal.


  • If you are having an alcohol free party, a ‘Smoothie Station’ is a way of serving fun drinks that people can help themselves to. Simply choose a couple of recipes (check out our recipe page for inspiration) and pre-make them before your party. Serve chilled in the 1.75 litre Essential Glass Jug
  • Jugs of flavoured waters are a good option to keep guests hydrated in the warmer months. Simply fill an Entertain 2.25 litre glass jug with water (tap, filtered or bottled is fine) and add flavourings such as cucumber, mint or lemon. Leave to infuse while chilling in the fridge.