Enjoy a glass (or two!) of wine? Thinking of hosting a sophisticated type of gathering?
Why not host your very own wine tasting party! No need to be a wine connoisseur, it’s easier
than you think and you may even find a wine that you love.

Simply set up an area where you are going to hold your tasting, this could be a table in the garden if the weather is nice. Decorate with Kilner jars filled with tea lights for added ambience.

Here are our top tips for hosting a wine tasting:

  • Make sure that you have enough wine glasses laid out; the last thing you want is to have to wash glasses in between tastings!
  • Try and use the correct glass for each wine, so for white wine use a white wine glass and for red wine use a red wine glass. This will enhance your guest’s experience and will ensure that the wine tastes it’s very best.
  • Serve your drinks in a Ravenhead glass for a stylish, elegant touch. We love the Finesse range of glasses for functional and fashionable drinking. View our glassware collections to find a range to suit your style.
  • Depending on how many guests you are planning invite, provide around 4-6 bottles of wine with the aim of serving around 2 ounces per wine, per glass.
  • For a less expensive way of hosting a wine tasting party is to ask your guests to each bring a bottle of red and white that costs £10 or under. That way you don’t have to buy all the wine yourself!
  • Make a note of which guest brought each wine, at the end of the tasting, the guest who brought the wine with the highest rating wins a prize, a bottle of bubbly always goes down well!
  • For an informal wine tasting, provide your guests with a pen and some paper and ask them to jot down some notes about the wine’s aroma, taste and appearance along with how they rate it out of 10.
  • As a general rule of tasting you should start with white wines working from light whites like Sauvignon Blanc, to bold whites such as Chardonnay, then progress from light to full-bodied red wines.
  • In between each tasting get your guests to have a sip of water and nibble on a plain cracker or breadstick to neutralise their palate. Keep a bucket nearby for discarding wine before the next pouring.
  • To keep it fun, ask your guests to read their notes aloud about each wine and see if everyone agrees or disagrees. At the end of the evening add up the scores for each wine, the guest who brought the highest scoring wine goes home with a prize.